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Dry eye is a complex disease where all the different components of the ocular surface develop complex interactions leading to impaired regulatory and defense mechanisms.

Hyperosmotic stress, inflammation, neurogenic stimulation and tissue damage are interdependent in a self-stimulated way together with extraocular influence of the immune system, the trigeminal pathway and probably the microbiome.

The European Dry Eye Society's 'Live Talks' have been created to:

  • share recent knowledge on these complex mechanisms,
  • emphasize on the role of chronic inflammation in the development of dry eye,
  • keep members informed on disease biomarker research, both on the clinical and biological side,
  • give an overview of anti-inflammatory strategies susceptible to help ophthalmologists to alleviate symptoms and patients to get out of the vicious cycles of dry eye disease.

Four Live talks will be organised throughout the year. Additional webinars from our partners are likely to be presented in a dedicated space.

Enjoy your e-meetings!

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